Brian Benjamin


When Brian Benjamin took office as Lieutenant Governor in September, he became the first Caribbean-American statewide office holder in New York’s history. His mother is a Guyanese immigrant who came to New York with just a suitcase and a dream and worked hard to get a decent union job, and his stepdad is a Jamaican immigrant who was Brian’s bus driver when he was a kid. They raised Brian in New York City, and, together, they were able to send their son to Brown University and Harvard Business School. Because of stories like his own, Brian has always believed that New York is a place where anybody can come and achieve their dreams, and he’s fighting to keep it that way for generations to come.

Brian has devoted himself to fighting for causes he believes in and to bettering his community. As a State Senator, he tackled some of New York’s biggest problems head-on to get results, including passing legislation to keep rent-controlled apartments affordable, helping to make sure seniors could afford their rent. Brian defended public pensions for hardworking public servants, like his own parents, and introduced legislation that pushed New York State to divest from private, for-profit prisons.

As Lieutenant Governor, Brian is focusing on delivering rent relief money to New Yorkers affected by COVID, getting folks vaccinated, passing historic criminal justice reform while ensuring public safety, and more.

Brian lives in Harlem with his wife and two young daughters.

Brian Benjamin speaking at Get Vaccinated event in New York

A Fair and Just Covid-19 Recovery

In just a few short months as Lieutenant Governor, Brian has worked to reopen our State and keep New Yorkers safe by expanding access to testing and boosters. He’s worked closely with Governor Hochul and partners in both the State and Federal government to fight for and secure funding for New Yorkers needing rental assistance and has helped ensure vaccine access equity across the State.

Brian Benjamin

Economic Development

Brian is committed to growing New York’s economy for all, which is why he’s working to increase contracting opportunities for MWBEs and helping young people develop the skills they need for high-paying jobs. Since becoming Lieutenant Governor, he’s delivered millions of dollars in grants to help business districts across the State thrive.

Brian Benjamin speaking at podium

A Commitment to Justice and Safety

In the State Senate, Brian fought for historic police reform legislation that holds law enforcement accountable while keeping everyone safe. He also introduced a bill that successfully pushed New York State to divest from private, for-profit prisons. Since Brian and Governor Hochul took office, they’ve passed more historic criminal justice reform, including legislation that gives formerly incarcerated New Yorkers second chances, enhancing public safety while reducing recidivism.

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